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Navigating OSHA's workplace safety standards becomes
a breeze with Ocoord. Our platform distills complex regulations into actionable tasks, ensuring your practice maintains a safe environment for staff, all while staying effortlessly compliant.


Ocoord transforms the labyrinth of HIPAA regulations into
a straightforward path. With encrypted data storage and intuitive task management, we ensure patient information remains secure and your practice aligns seamlessly with privacy standards.


Ocoord demystifies Safety Data Sheets for medical and dental practices. With our expansive library, you can quickly access, understand, and act on the crucial information for every chemical handle. Ensure your practice operates with the utmost safety standards, without the usual hassle.

The Top Reasons Clinics Choose Ocoord

Save Time

In addition to automating many of the processes required to maintain compliance, Ocoord tells you what to do and when to do it. Don’t rely on memory, rely on Ocoord.

Save Money

Per employee pricing? Nope. Closing down the office for training? Absolutely not. With us, your single subscription gives you access to everything you need to stay compliant and your team can train as they have time.

Stay Ready

Ocoord makes it easy to stay on top of training, incident reports, and compliance related tasks; Maintain an immaculate compliance log with Ocoord.

Stay compliant in 2023 like it’s, well…2023

Ocoord is paperless, cloud based, and loaded with cutting edge technology.

Meet MEDiCC: our AI tool that knows everything about your practice and will tell you anything you’d like to know too. All you have to do is ask. 

Access our library of over 900,000 SafetyData sheets with our SDS tool.

Use CheckMate to simulate an OSHA or HIPAA audit anytime

Search your entire policy and procedure library in seconds.